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Sterling Pendants

Sterling Silver Pendants 

Show your popular pastimes and passions with elegant, silver jewelry from Silver Charms Inc. Our wholesale sterling silver jewelry pendants use professional skills and streamlined business to bring you beautiful charms at affordable prices.

Bring elegant reminders of the love, spiritual connection, hobbies and symbols that surround your life with stylish, silver charms.  See our gallery of exquisitely crafted crosses made from woven silver threads, polished gems and detailed engravings. We use elaborate and simple designs appealing to many tastes and suitable for both men and women. 

Shop fun icons of your favorite sports, animals, symbols, characters and more made with .925 sterling silver, pearls, amethysts, gold, garnets and other valuable metals and stones. Our versatile silver pendants make perfect gifts for any occasion with necklaces and bracelets.

Find a special gift or your new favorite charm for your necklace or bracelet. See our diverse selection of animals, icons and crosses to begin or continue your charm collection. Contact us for more information about any of our sterling silver jewelry pieces. 

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