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All About Enamel

What is Enamel?

Enamel is the process of using a powdered glass and running it through a fire treatment that usually runs at temperatures of 750 to 800 degrees Celsius. During this time the powdered glass melts into a liquid and covers the area, allowing a hardened, smooth, durable coating on metals, ceramics and glass. The term Enamel is also used to describe small trinket like items covered in an enamel coating. Beauty aside, enamel also offers a durable protection against chemicals, and provides a long lasting shine and full color. We offer a full selection of Enamel Charms ranging from sports to travel and a lot more.

Crystal Charms

Here at silvercharms inc. We offer crystal enamel and crystal charms which are not your ordinary charms. It offers the durability and color of enamel with added crystals to enhance the beauty of the charm. Some examples of our crystal enamel charms are; Crystal Penguin , Heart Sunglasses, and the Happy Horse. Here are some crystal charm examples; Golf , Bridesmaid.

Cubic Zirconia

While CZ or Cubic Zirconia is best known as an diamond simulant. CZ offers alot of the same properties as diamonds. Its not nearly as hard as diamonds, ranking in at 8.5 on the mohs scale, but, it is harder then most gemstones. CZ also has the ability to be made into different colors and most importantly much cheaper then the rarer Diamond. This inexpensive CZ offers a high quality gemstone. Some of our charms include different sizes and colors of CZ such as; Cosmopolitan , Wine Glass , Coffee Cup , and many more.

Marcasite / Pyrite

Seemingly, Marcasite and Pyrite are the same in chemistry. However in crystal structure and other differences, Pyrite and Marcasite are different. In jewelry the term is commonly used and the gemstone used is referred to as Marcasite, in most cases however the Marcasite is actually Pyrite. No one knows exactly when this happened, but even to experienced mineral collectors the difference can be hard to tell. Marcasite is not used due to its brittle nature, and on random can decay and create sulfuric acid. We offer Marcasite (Pyrite) charms in different styles; Cherries , Apples , Turtles , just to name a few.

Murano Glass Beads

The glass beads of Murano are skillfully made, colorful, and elegant. Originally in Venice, were moved to the islands of Murano due to increasing fear of fire breaking out in Venice. Here is an example of Murano work. Today, this art of glass making can also incorporate other kinds of methods such as gold engraving, lattimo, ribbed glass, submersion just to name some of the many.

Stones and Gemstones

A gemstone is normally considered any mineral, rock or petrified material that can be cut and polished and used in jewelry. Though there are some which do not fall into the category, and are most often displayed in museums and sought out by collectors. Alot of our charms also make good use of other gemstones and other precious stones, to name a few; Tigers Eye, Turquoise, and other elaborate stones. All of our gemstones are also available per strand.