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About Message Beads

Message beads are a simple concept which has been around for quite some time. They can very from the most simple to the most sophisticated, but in the end, these message charms and message beads have one common goal, to get a message across to the person being presented with the item. These beads and charms offer alittle extra for your Affirmation Bands, Necklaces, Bracelets and many other exciting gift ideas for that special someone, friends, and family.

At, we offer several different types and styles of message bead and charms and is not only limited to sterling silver, but we also have many other message beads offered in procelain. These message beads are beautifully crafted and are one of a kind.
Below are only a few examples of what you can do with our affirmation bands, message beads, and leather necklaces and bracelets.
Show that sports fan or sports player that you acknowledge there spirit or love for a sport.
With varying sizes of leather straps available, you can create a one of a kind message bracelet or necklace for that special someone. Choose to make one or the other, or even both, its easy to do and we have everything you need.