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About Affirmation Bands


A little bit about Affirmation

Affirmation is a form of auto-suggestion which is a statement of a desirable intention or state of mind. In a positive sense, its used for an application of implanting a word or saying into the mind of a person. In the hopes that this will help to revise this persons way of thinking, train of thought or so forth. Affirmation can be viewed in two ways, 1, in a positive sense, one trying to mobilize his inner resources or 2, in a negative sense as a self induced brainwashing. This application would also depends on the depth and wisdom of the affirmation. Affirmation, are usually phrased in first person, and usually in present tense in order to incrase the realiziation of a statement for the affirmee. 

Message Beads are also commonly used in addition to the affirmation band. It helps to relay other words of encouragemnt or Affirmation to the affirmee. Message beads also compliment an additional amount of words. Hope, Joy, Spirit, just to name a few. 

Affirmation Bands can be combined and used to be given as gifts or as affirmation statements of encouragement to a person. They are often given to boost someones bad times, or just a gift to a friend. Affirmation can come in any shape or form, our Affirmation bands are only one shape of which you can give an affirmation to someone. They are often used to be laced around bracelets and necklaces.